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RKA Services


The economic conditions of any area directly impact on policy and planning. So too does the demographics of any geographic area. These impact on fiscal and monetary policies and numerous social factors such as health care, transportation, and social services. Roslyn Kunin and Associates has done numerous studies to assist you in making informed decisions for projecting future needs. oth social and infrastructure. Studies are tailored to your specific geographic or administrative area. For further information on how RKA can assist in your social planning, contact To arrange for an entertaining and applicable presentation on how the economic future impacts you, contact or the National Speaker’s Bureau.


As a Human Resources Professional, Career Councilor or Educator, Labour Market Information (LMI) is an invaluable tool in helping your employer or your clients in making informed decisions to optimize choice of career, to look for work, and to findi meaningful employment. There is a plethora of labour market material, but finding good, useful information can be a daunting task. So too is the task of finding the talent anorganization needs when skills are scarce.Dr. Kunin excels in finding and presenting labour market information to help put people into jobs in a way that fulfills both employers’ needs and workers expectations.. To discuss specific studies to fit your LMI needs, or to arrange for an entertaining and applicable presentation geared to your particular situation, contact or the National Speaker’s Bureau.


Strategic business planning is vital to you! You need a clear picture of what is and will be happening in all the economies and markets that affect your business, Also, having a clear idea of what your labour needs might be in the future and what the supply of specific occupations and skills sets will exist is a valuable tool in strategic human resources planning. In the 21st century managing human resources is at least as important as managing financial resources forthe success of anorganization. Using solid econometric methods tempered with Dr. Kunin’s quarter-century of experience scrutinizing the eoconomy and labour market in BC and in Canada, Roslyn Kunin and Associates has produced robust outlooks well into the 21st Century. Depending on the scope of the analysis, RKA can conduct original surveys and focus groups from carefully sampled population groups to get at the issues that are critical to your firm’s needs. To discuss your specific needs or arrange an entertaining and applicable presentation geared to your firm, contact or the National Speaker’s Bureau.


In the years ahead, the profile of needed workers will be very different, occupations will be transformed and required skills will change dramatically. As a labour organization administrator, planner, or director, you know that what’s going to be in demand in the job market of the future directly affects you and your organization. Dr. Kunin provides insights and answers. She has taken a long and careful look at the economic state of things to come and has some solid advice on how the economy and the job market will look in the future. RKA can forecast the changes that will take place in your industry and how they are likely to affect you. To discuss your specific needs or arrange an entertaining and applicable presentation, contact or the National Speaker’s Bureau.


Economic and business opportunities, training and skills development, treaty settlement issues and revenue generation are just some of the issues that Rosly Kunin & Associates has dealt with for various First Nations. To get answers to these or related questions as they affect you, please contact .